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Ginnels, Snickets and Snickelways!

Posted by Lewis on August 05, 2004

In Reply to: Ginnels, Snickets and Snickelways! posted by John F on August 05, 2004

: Can anyone tell me the difference (if any?) between a ginnel,a snicket, and a snickelway?
: I've been in Yorkshire a few years now, and no-one seems sure!!

That sounds familiar - I'm sure a ginnel is a back accessway - I think it might be one that doesn't go under the house - that always used to be called a 'passage'. In Venice they have a particular name "Sottoportego" to denote a passageway under a building to contrast with a "calle" which doesn't.

Snicket? I have a feeling that that is the under-building passage, but I stand to be corrected.
I would deduce that a 'snicketway' might be the same as a 'carriageway' - a covered passage big enough to take a carriage passing through.

Please correct me.