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^ Flibberty Gibberty ^

Posted by * Danger Kitty* on July 23, 2004

Hi, I'm deeply fascinated with reduplicated words such as flip-flop, mish-mash, hippety-hop, etc. After googling for them, I came across a huge list on this site:

But I was stumped as to the meaning of these, can you please help out:
* tush-tush - I know what tush means btw, :)
* flibberti-gibberty
* hufty-magufty
* kitchy-koo - same as cootchie-coo?
* humdudgeon
* whoop-de-doo - know the dic. meaning but I've heard it being used as an interjection..but I don't know in what way.
* Huff-Snuff

More Later..