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"When peepers sing..."

Posted by Brian from Shawnee on February 18, 2004

In Reply to: "When peepers sing..." posted by ESC on February 18, 2004

: : Hello,
: : Can anyone tell me anything about this phrase? I am wondering what kind of bird they mean and the origin of the saying...

: : "When peepers sing loud and long and late, the weather will cooperate."

: : Thank you!
: : Lorie

: I'll look and see if I can find this one under weather-related sayings. One thing I am wondering about is whether "peepers" refers to birds or crickets.

I think it's "spring peepers" they're talking about. They are little nocturnal frogs that live in trees and bushes in woodlands and forest edges, and on warm nights with the windows open you can hear them making their racket. They are pretty common throughout the northeastern U.S.

If you never heard one, or live in a region of Earth where they don't exist, you can go here to find out about them and even listen to what they sound like: