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Garbage in and garbage out

Posted by Jennita on November 08, 2003

In Reply to: Garbage in and garbage out posted by Smokey Stover on November 08, 2003

sorry Smokey, maybe my question was not clear to you. actually, what I want to ask is what does the author mean by saying "garbage in and garbage out" in those sentences? to allow you understand more, I put one more sentence to spport the old one. so hope you see it clearer.

here it is:

" It is mind-boggling to see how little humanity has progressed socially and psychologically since the Neanderthals. We have high-speed computers, but our minds and psychosocial capabilities are still infected with the
primitiveness of "garbage in and garbage out".
The dumbing-down of the world by the perversions
of the Third World has been very successful."

Thanks again

: :I can't clarify the thinking of whoever wrote the sentences that you quote; in fact, I tend to think they illustrate what the author is complaining about. Early in the computer era "GIGO" (Garbage In Garbage Out) was a catchword reminding people that if the programs or data that you put into computers are garbage, all you'll get from the computer is more garbage. I tend to regard the sentences you have quoted as a pretty good sample of non-computerized garbage.