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Some adjectives and dialogues

Posted by Sphinx on June 13, 2003

Could you please help me with these:
1.Can "sketched" be used to modify "reeds"? What does it mean?

2.Can adjectives be used to modify personal pronouns? Like "real" in this case? Is it correct?
Show them the real you to them and they will accept you as their friend.

3.Can "picturesque" be used to modify "peasants"? e.g.,in this case -
In books we can join the picturesque peasants in an Alpine village or the kindly natives on a South Sea island.

- Did you have a good time at the ball?
- Yes, but I really couldn't have because I had lots of work to do.
(Why he says "couldn't" here? I think it should be "shouldn't" because obviously he regrets going to the ball though he was busy that day.)

- Did you punish him for that?
- No. I remember how young he was then that I had to excuse him.
(Is "then that" here a phrase shares the same meaning with "so that"?)

6.Why use "at a moment" here? I think it should be "at the moment", which means "now".
As unemployment is very high at a moment, it's very difficult for people to find work.