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A hundred and five

Posted by R. Berg on November 21, 2002

In Reply to: A hundred and five posted by Woodchuck on November 21, 2002

: : : : : Please I would like to know the meaning and origin of this expression:
: : : : : "A hundred and five"

: : : : : Thanks, anyway

: : : Depending on context, it could mean 105 or 100.05. If the meterologist says it's a hundred and five in the shade, he or she means it's 105 F. However, if you are told to make out a check for a hundred and five, better write it out as "one-hundred-and-05/100 dollars."

: : How about "one hundred five and 0/100 dollars".
: : No??

: I think you answered your own question. If one hundred and five dollars properly meant $105.00, wouldn't you have written that as "one hundred AND five and 00/100?" When talking about money, the 'and' indicates the decimal.

: We can talk about "One Hundred and One Dalmations" without confusion because the idea of .01 of a dalmation is absurd.

Why does the "and" indicate the decimal when the units are dollars but not when they're degrees Fahrenheit? I understand "a hundred and five dollars" to mean 105 dollars, not 100 dollars and 5 cents. After all, we don't say "four and twenty-five" for $4.25.