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The cat's ass

Posted by ESC on November 08, 2002

In Reply to: The cat's ass posted by Gary on November 08, 2002

: : My co-workers and I were pondering why someone would use the phrase "that's the cat's ass" in response for something good. Last time I checked a cat's a s s wasn't a very pleasant thing. So why do we use it that way and where does this saying come from?
: : Can anyone help?

: Or the dog's bollocks? I like the inventive alternative, 'the mutt's nuts', athough why either is used to signify quality is beyond me.

Perhaps it's a variation on the 1920s "series" that included "the cat's pajamas," "the bee's knees," etc. Someone pointed out that all of those expressions included a part of an animal's anatomy except for "cat's pajamas." (And looking at the list, "clam's garters") Maybe someone decided to correct that situation with "a cat's ass."

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