Spank the monkey

Posted by Marian on December 13, 2001

In Reply to: Spank the monkey posted by Michael on December 13, 2001

: : Simple question... what's the derivation? I know it's US based, and the "spank" part can be easily rationalised... but "the monkey"? Any ideas?

: In America, it's even more simple. Monkey is a slang term for the genitals. The phrase "spank the monkey" is a slang phrase for masturbation.
: A cute little story to go along with this theme, if I may. My niece was taking a bath at her grandmother's one day. She was about three years old at the time. Her mother walked into the bathroom to check on her and found her with a men's razor in her hand. She asked her what she was doing with that. Her reply - shaving my monkey. Everybody's mouth dropped as her mother came out of the bathroom and told them what she had said. She wasn't actually shaving her "monkey" of course, but she was trying to shave her toy monkey's face. Sorry, but I've waited years to tell that story.

Great story. My laugh for the day.