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To have a KIP

Posted by ESC on August 01, 2001

In Reply to: To have a KIP posted by Bruce Kahl on August 01, 2001

: : To have a kip is accepted as to have a sleep. But where does the word KIP derive from? Having searched many references I have so far been unable to satisfy my curiosity.

: : Can anyone help?

: : Noel.

: kip
: slang n. 1 sleep; nap. 2 bed or cheap lodgings. from the Danish kippe meaning hut
: The Pocket Oxford Dictionary of Current English, © Oxford University Press 1996

: The word kippe meant a brothel in 18th-century English, probably deriving from a similar Danish word signifying a low-class inn. In the 19th century the word was extended to denote a doss house, and by the early 20th century was acquiring its modern meanings. The word is not unknown in the USA but is much more commonly used in Britain.
: Bloomsbury Dictionary of Contemporary Slang, © Tony Thorne 1997

: doss house n
: a dormitory for vagrants or a cheap, shabby hotel.

Like a "flophouse"?