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Out to lunch

Posted by R. Berg on April 24, 2001

In Reply to: Out to lunch posted by ESC on April 24, 2001

: : I want to know what "out to lunch" means.when it is used. I've heard it of my teacher and he told me: "you are out to lunch" whenever I wasn't mentaly there and I was thinking about something else.Did he use it in right way.Which expression is used to say that somebody is physically with you but he is not mentally with you.

: Your teacher used it correctly. Another phrase is: "He is in another world." (But if you tell someone, "You're 'out of this world,'" that means you think he is amazing.)

: Or another term is, "You've been daydreaming."

And sometimes "out to lunch" means a person is NEVER mentally there--the person is crazy.