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Phrase Finder stats

Posted by Bob on December 23, 2000

In Reply to: Phrase Finder stats posted by ESC on December 23, 2000

: : This past year the Phrase Finder site has seen around a four-fold increase in use over previous years. The site's front page is now accessed by 12,000 people/week and they have searched the phrases database 9,250,124 times.

: : The Discussion Group has had 4760 postings and these have been read a total of 327,130 times. So, if you are a contributor your words of wisdom have not gone unheeded: each of your postings was read approximately 68 times.

: : Happy Christmas all.

: : Gary

: Wow!! This is a good time to say "thank you Gary" for all your work in hosting this site. I, for one, have become totally addicted.

Me too. I know I've made a lot of those 327,000 visits, since it's my first stop daily. Thanks Gary, ESC, Bruce, James, Barney, and all those who always make this an entertaining place to visit. Happy Holidays to all.