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Dill pickles & lindy hopping rabbits

Posted by Frankie on October 02, 2000

In Reply to: Dill pickles & lindy hopping rabbits posted by ESC on September 29, 2000

: : : : There is a mysterious girl mailing me some messages that I don't know the meaning to. If someone could tell me what they mean I'd greatly appreciate it.

: : : : Message:
: : : : 1.) Would you like to take a stroll in the park with a fresh dill pickle.

: : : : 2.) Would u like to do the lindy hop with a rabit in spring?
: : : Wow well I dunno what the f**k that means but it sounds to me that shes got the hots big time I bet that shes thinking of you right now!!! do you know her ??? and if not either she mad or your some kind off stud muffin :)

: : I do know her, and she's not mad, but I'm willing to think I'm a stud muffin. LOL

: I was thinking maybe these are song lyrics. But my teen-agers aren't familiar with these phrases. So I guess not.

I would wonder about anyone who uses words like rabbits, lindy hops, parks and pickles as a sexual innuendo .sounds gay. Maybe it's just "local colloquial" from her planet. Sounds like stalker verbiage. An initial guess is that the dill pickles insinuates a male erection. And the lindy hop implies making love-perhaps "doggie style". What ever happened to the good old days when they just said "Wanna go to your place and do it".