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Dill pickles & lindy hopping rabbits

Posted by Antony on October 21, 2000

In Reply to: Dill pickles & lindy hopping rabbits posted by Frankie on October 02, 2000

: : : : : There is a mysterious girl mailing me some messages that I don't know the meaning to. If someone could tell me what they mean I'd greatly appreciate it.

: : : : : Message:
: : : : : 1.) Would you like to take a stroll in the park with a fresh dill pickle.

: : : : : 2.) Would u like to do the lindy hop with a rabit in spring?
: : : : Wow well I dunno what the f**k that means but it sounds to me that shes got the hots big time I bet that shes thinking of you right now!!! do you know her ??? and if not either she mad or your some kind off stud muffin :)

: : : I do know her, and she's not mad, but I'm willing to think I'm a stud muffin. LOL

: : I was thinking maybe these are song lyrics. But my teen-agers aren't familiar with these phrases. So I guess not.

: I would wonder about anyone who uses words like rabbits, lindy hops, parks and pickles as a sexual innuendo .sounds gay. Maybe it's just "local colloquial" from her planet. Sounds like stalker verbiage. An initial guess is that the dill pickles insinuates a male erection. And the lindy hop implies making love-perhaps "doggie style". What ever happened to the good old days when they just said "Wanna go to your place and do it".

Good Grief what is all this crap doing on the Phrase Finder Website: I somehow expected better of Frankie.