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The crowning touch?

Posted by ESC on November 21, 2000

In Reply to: The crowning touch posted by Bob on November 20, 2000

: I am looking for orgin and/or derivation info on "subject" phrase, "the crowning touch.

: Thanks & Godspeed,

: Bob

Crowning touch -- I have a reference book that talks in detail about crowns, symbolism and origin of their use. (Let me know if you want that information.) But I couldn't find anything on "crowning touch." From watching movies about royalty, I have an idea that when the king or queen are being helped on with their royal garb, the robes, etc., are donned first. Then the crown is placed or his/her head - a crowning touch. A last finishing touch completing the perfection. A cherry on top, so to speak. Maybe some of the British phrase folk will have a better explanation.