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Beam Me Up Scotty

Posted by Antony on October 20, 2000

In Reply to: Beam Me Up Scotty posted by ESC on October 20, 2000

: : Dear sir/Madam,

: : Would you tell me the meaning of the phrase 'Beam Me Up Scotty'in both English and Chines? I'll appreciate your help.

: "Beam me up Scotty" means a person wants out of a embarrassing or bad situation or away from a place. It is a command used frequently on "Star Trek." Crew member Scotty would "beam up" or transport Captain Kirk (or whoever) up from a planet Kirk was visiting.

: I don't know what it means in Chinese but I am assuming it means the same thing.

It has no meaning whatever in Chinese: they are too, too wise to be entrapped by such banality.