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Get off the schnied

Posted by Bob on December 12, 2000

In Reply to: Get off the schnied posted by Bruce Kahl on December 11, 2000

: : Wodering of the exact meaning and origin of the term "get off the schnied". I have heard this used as meaning to move off of dead center or get on the winning track.

: "Schneide" is German for "edge":

: cutting edge -- Schneide
: edge -- die Schneide
: edge -- Kante; Schneide; Rand
: edged -- mit einer Schneide versehen

: I have always taken it to mean the latter--get on the winning track.

in gin rummy, to get "schneidered" is to lose all the hands in a game, and pay double (or some larger-than-usual amount). Thus, if you've lost a few hands in a row, and your opponent(s) are in danger of getting to the winning total, you're delighted to win one hand, to "get off the schneid," to get any score on the scorepad, so that you minimize the amount you'll lose. (Naturally, getting off the schneid brings out the eternal optimist, and kindles the hope of overtaking the opposition,)