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delinquent angel left behind by the general evacuation

Posted by Kashima on November 22, 2008 at 13:09

I am watching a SF TV-movie in which a priest complains about the declining influence of church, because humans (in the year 2271), after going out to the space, couldn't find any angels in heaven, nor fire eternal, nor a "delinquent seraphim left behind by the general evacuation".

Does anyone know the origin of "delinquent seraphim left behind by the general evacuation"? I checked the
Old Testement, Isaiah 6-2 and found the word "seraphim",but there is no discription about the seraphim becoming deliquent or evacuating from somewhere. (I think "fire eternal" means "hell", so "delinquent seraphim" might have something to do with fallen angel?)

In what part of the bible can I find the origin of this phrase or these words?