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Take it to the bridge

Posted by RRC on July 29, 2008 at 19:09

In Reply to: Take it to the bridge posted by pamela on July 29, 2008 at 00:15:

: : : : : I heard in several songs (i.e. Robbie Williams and James Brown) the phrase "take it to the bridge". Is there a special meaning of this phrase?
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: : : : Bridge has several specific musical meanings. In this case, they're talking about a contrasting section in a piece of music which joins two similiar sections (in the way that a bridge over water might join two pieces of land). For example, in "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", the part that starts "Someday I'll wish upon a star...".

: : : often "the Bridge" is the "middle-eight" - a section that contrasts with other surrounding parts.

: : Often, in a song, the bridge is an instrumental section in the middle. ~rb

: Wet Wet Wet (Hourglass), Crazytown (Take it to the Bridge) and Justin Timberlake (Sexyback) also include lyrics "take it to the bridge". I don't think it has anything to do with a musical bridge - I think it means something like "get rid of it" - maybe from "go jump off a bridge"? Pamela

Wet Wet Wet (Take it to the bridge, throw it overboard See if it can swim, back up to the shore...) and Crazytown's Take it to the Bridge (Would you jump off a bridge if I told you to) are about literal bridges.
But in Sexyback, "take it to the bridge" is immediately followed by the musical bridge and after the musical bridge, you hear "take it to the chorus" followed by the chorus.