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Jack you up

Posted by Smokey Stover on November 25, 2007

In Reply to: Jack you up posted by Wendy on November 25, 2007

: What exactly does "jack you up" mean? For example, "I am going to jack you up!"

The most common meaning of this phrase, as used in recent slang, would be that indicated in the Urban Dictionary:

"1. jack you up
It means that you are fucked, screwed, gonna die. Too bad for you.
[example:] I will jack you up 'til you bleed to death."

But context is everything. It can be used to mean make you feel good, or give you energy, or some other positive thing, as in:

"But coffee, soda, and energy drinks don't just jack you up -- they also totally dehydrate you, leaving you feeling even more worn out when the buzz wears."

There is also the old-fashioned literal meaning, associated with a device called a jack, used to jack up your car (raise part of it above the ground) so you can work underneath it, or change the tires. However, a carjack is not this device, but rather a highjack of your car as you're sitting in it.

You have to be guided by context in deciding whether this phrase means to lift you up or knock you down. A wedgie would be a good example of lifting you up while screwing you around.