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A man trying to chase his cough

Posted by Pamela on November 12, 2007

In Reply to: A man trying to chase his cough posted by GL on November 12, 2007

: 'a man trying to chase his cough' - found in Paddy Ladd: understanding Deaf Culture P. 329 What does it mean? (please paraphrase meaning) Does anybody now this saying or quotation? Where does it come from?

The book itself (I found an extract at [Dead link removed - ed] quotes the source as a man called Raymond - there is no information about him in the pages that were available, but this information should be in the bibliography of the book itself. The context of the quote is: the author is disscussing people who regard their deafness as an impairment. The author quotes someone called Raymond who likens the mentality of the people who are trying to "cling to the coat tails of the hearing mentality" to "a man trying to chase his cough". I got no hits for "chasing his cough" on google apart from the book. It's a bit difficult to say what it means- I thought at first that it might mean that they are trying to do something impossible (i.e. you can't "catch you cough") but it may not. Pamela