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Mouth full of rooster

Posted by Victoria S Dennis on November 02, 2007

In Reply to: Mouth full of rooster posted by Sam Rhodes on November 02, 2007

: I'm looking for the meaning and/or origin of the phrase "mouth full of rooster". I heard the phrase on an episode of The Little Rascals. Stymie was quoted saying "you said a mouth full of rooster brother". I love the phrase and I say it all of the time now but I am not sure if it is derogatory or demeaning in any way. Just wanted to check before I continue saying it.

Bear in mind that "rooster" is a synonym for "cock"; consider what the phrase would mean if you made that substitution; and then decide for yourself whether that would be derogatory or demeaning before continuing to use it. You might want to avoid saying it to anyone much bigger or stronger than you, as well as to anyone prim and respectable. (VSD)