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Posted by RRC on October 24, 2007

In Reply to: Poot posted by Smokey Stover on October 24, 2007

: : A friend of mine who is born and bred in Mellor, Nr. Blackburn, Lancashire grew up with the saying "I was poot there", which means born and bred in the same area. Does anyone know of this?

: The Oxford English Dictionary, which is usually pretty good on English regionalisms, considers this word, as a noun, verb or interjection, as an examplee of American regional speech, mostly southern. As such it is almost always used as meaning "fart" or something close to it. Sometimes it is used the way less regional Americans might say, for example, "He's just an old fart from the neighborhood, pay no attention." Or, as an interjection, an expression of exasperation, as one might say, "Oh, poo!" or possibly even, "Oh, ****!" So much for North America. Can't help you with Lancashire.
: SS

Any possibility that it's simply "put" or a contraction of "put out"? Seems nicer than Smokey's suggestion that he was poo'ed there. ;-)