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Lead SLED dog...

Posted by Pamela on October 16, 2007

In Reply to: Lead SLED dog... posted by RRC on October 15, 2007

: : : : : : If you are not the lead snow dog your view of the world never changes!

: : : : : : What does this mean?

: : : : : The phrase refers to sled dogs which are harnessed in a line to pull the sled. Except for the dog in front (lead as in leading the way, not as in lead pipes, the others all have a magnificient view of the back end of the dog in front of them.

: : : : That's the literal meaning. Extended to human affairs, this supposedly cute saying expresses an opinion that unless you take a leadership position, your thinking will always be rigid. ~rb

: : : It might if your leader's thinking is rigid, but I don't get that otherwise. I think it has more to do with never being in control of yourself, never getting to do what you want, etc.

: : I thought the meaning of this had to do with the idea that - if you are not the lead dog in a sled team - your view of the world is other dog's bums. Which is what is wrong with not being the leader. Pamela

: Yes, I explained that in my first post, however, when applied metaphorically to human beings that doesn't means you are literally stuck looking at human bottoms.

Sorry, my eyes slid right over that for some reason. I didn't mean to suggest that it did mean that you are - literally - stuck looking at human bottoms. Just - metaphorically - another way of saying that being a follower is the pits. Pamela