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You Wot

Posted by Keith on September 21, 2007

In Reply to: You Wot posted by keith on September 21, 2007

: : : Trying to find out who said this on some British show:

: : : "You Wot"

: : It is a variant on 'you what?' and simply indicates that a previous speaker has not been heard or understood. It is in very common informal use in the UK and could have been said by anyone; though it would be more usual to hear it from the less well-educated characters.

: : DFG

: From the less educated classes! "You wot" is a personal challenge.
: If you say something that is either unwelcome or rude you are challenged to say it again 'YOU WOT?!"
: My understanding has always been that this will lead to an argument if the original speakers repeats his orignal phrase usualy with vhemance as a result of the original challenge.

It can also be used in a derisory mannor.
If something is said that is considered to be foolish when given as an instruction or order to a group of people who do not wish to be so instructed or ordered. It will be chanted.