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You Wot

Posted by Keith on September 21, 2007

In Reply to: You Wot posted by David FG on August 19, 2007

: : Trying to find out who said this on some British show:

: : "You Wot"

: It is a variant on 'you what?' and simply indicates that a previous speaker has not been heard or understood. It is in very common informal use in the UK and could have been said by anyone; though it would be more usual to hear it from the less well-educated characters.


From the less educated classes! "You wot" is a personal challenge.
If you say something that is either unwelcome or rude you are challenged to say it again 'YOU WOT?!"
My understanding has always been that this will lead to an argument if the original speakers repeats his orignal phrase usualy with vhemance as a result of the original challenge.