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if my uncle had...

Posted by Lewis on May 08, 2007

In Reply to: If our cat was a cow... posted by R. Berg on May 07, 2007

: : : : If our cat was a cow, we could milk her behind the stove.

: : : : It's the translation of a Flemish saying, and I wondered if there's an English equivalent (I could really use in a lesson I need to give next week) The meaning is something in the style of "After things happened, you could wish that they went differently, but that's all vain whining".

: : : : I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer.
: : : : Already great thanks

: : : There are several here:
: : :

: : :

: : And "If your aunt had whiskers [or other masculine anatomical characteristics], she'd be your uncle". (VSD)

: "Don't cry over spilled (or spilt) milk" is a very old English saying that comes to mind immediately as an equivalent of "After things happened...," although it lacks the "If..." structure of your Flemish saying. ~rb

I heard it as "if my uncle had t i t s, he'd be my aunt" - as a riposte to pointless theorising.