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To wax nostalgic

Posted by Bob on March 13, 2007

In Reply to: To wax nostalgic posted by R. Berg on March 13, 2007

: : : "To wax nostalgic" I believe, means to fondly look back to an earlier time or specific event. Correct?

: :
: : No. You've described being nostalgic, not waxing nostalgic.

: When "wax" doesn't mean giving a protective coating to a surface, it means "become." A dictionary will confirm this. To wax nostalgic is to become nostalgic. You have the right meaning for "nostalgic." ~rb

To wax is to grow in quantity or intensity. The moon waxes, then wanes (decreases.) You may be nostalgic for old friends, but you may wax nostalgic (get even more so) as you look at photographs or tell stories.

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