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Like a cracked panchent or panchant

Posted by Victoria S Dennis on December 13, 2006

In Reply to: Like a cracked panchent or panchant Posted by Jayne Wilkinson on December 13, 2006

: Hi
: I'm trying to find out if anyone knows the meaning of something being 'like a cracked panchent or panchant'? I think it may come from N England or the Midlands - the person who uses it is from Nottingham. I presume it means like a cracked pot or tile maybe?

You're pretty close: I think the phrase you've heard is "cracked pancheon". A pancheon is defined in the SOED as "a large shallow earthenware bowl or vessel, wider at the top than the bottom, used for setting milk to stand in" - presumably before skimming off the cream. Obviously such a vessel, once cracked, would be no use at all. (VSD)