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I can't believe it!

Posted by Patty on July 17, 2000


A while back I posted the message below. I can't believe that none of you word and phrase lovers have a favorite reference book. A number of them have been mentioned in the past, in earlier threads. But since few of us can find these books, except by special order, it isn't possible for people like me to compare them by sitting in the bookstore and leafing through. So, please help out! Offer an opinion about which is the 'all-round' best. Just an opinion...

Original message: Is there a single good reference book that you could recommend for colorful 20th century American phrases? I'm thinking of something that might delve back into earlier decades of the century, too.

Also, does the book you have in mind mainly cover longer phrases, or does it include two and three word slang too? Thanks...