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Abby or Ann?

Posted by Bob on July 09, 2000

In Reply to: Abby or Ann? posted by ESC on July 08, 2000

: : : Is it always with the "and" or could it be this way:
: : : Wake up.
: : : Smell the Coffee.
: : : If the 2nd is also correct, does it imply that it is definitely "coffee" we are referring to rather than a preoccupation?

: : I've never hear this expression nor has anybody else I've consulted. It would therefore seem it has limited distribution and may have started life as a meaningless joke or jest.

: I've seen the phrase used frequently in a newspaper advice column in the U.S. But I can't remember if it is "Dear Abby" or her sister "Ann Landers" who advises clueless people to "wake up and smell the coffee." Meaning "face the facts."

"Ann Landers" but I'm not sure if originated it, or just popularized it.