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Posted by David FG on June 25, 2006

In Reply to: RAIN CHECK posted by ESC on June 24, 2006

: : whats the meaning of "RAIN CHECK"

: See Merriam-Webster -- dictionary/rain%20check If an event (an outdoor ball game) is canceled because of rain, a customer can get a "rain check" good for the next event. You can also use the expression to indicate you want to delay an event. Do it later. It is kinder than just saying no.

: Do you want to go for coffee?
: No. I'll take a rain check.

It is a peculiarly Westpondian concept: although it has travelled eastwards, it is not always understood and is frequently used incorrectly. Some of the confusion, I am sure, lies in the use of the Westpondian spelling 'check' rather than 'cheque'.


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