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Cheese bus

Posted by ESC on August 02, 2006

In Reply to: Cheese bus posted by Brian from Shawnee on August 02, 2006

: : Re Cheese bus
: : This phrase is perhaps linked to the 'Scottish' word 'cheesy'meaning 'corny or not cool'This is terminology which has evolved.

: The Online Etymology Dictionary says "cheesy" in the sense of cheap or inferior derives from the Urdu word "chiz" for "a thing" which was picked up by British folks in India in 1818 and gradually evloved into the current meaning. Not that we discuss meanings of single words here.

: So far I think "cheese bus" is strictly a Northern New Jersey urban thing that combines the color of the bus with the perceived indignity of going to school.
1. cheese bus Used when something is shocking. Would be used in the same context as Jesus! In fact that is where it originated from:
Jesus->Jeebus->Cheese Bus. Also sometimes used like: Bus made entirely out of cheese!

Jane: Oh my gosh, look at that gigantic tidal wave headed right for us!
John: Cheese Bus!
2. cheese bus
It's the slang version for a yellow school bus.

Our class is going to Washington DC, in a yellow cheese bus!

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