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"handrail round Britain"

Posted by David FG on June 04, 2006

In Reply to: "Handrail round Britain" posted by Olya on June 04, 2006

: I have come across a phrase "handrail round Britain" used in a legal context and referred to compensation. What exactly is meant by the phrase?

Without more detail it is difficult, but I suspect that it is a reference to the increasing litigiousness of the British and the perception that the country is moving towards a situation in which the population must be protected from every accident (by being provided with handrails, for example) lest they rush to the courts for compensation.

It is something blamed on the Westpondians: it is said that they have introduced the formerly stoic and uncomplaining Brits to the concept that they can get shed-loads of cash if they hurt themselves. I make no comment on this, I merely report it.