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"I'm outta here."

Posted by Smokey Stover on April 27, 2006

In Reply to: "I'm outta here." posted by Grace Zabriskie on April 27, 2006

: I'm looking for the first uses of the expression "I'm outta here." I suspect that a character using it in a scene set in 1915 would be anachronistic, but I want to be sure.

I don't have any slang dictionaries at my disposal, but it seems to me that "I'm outta here," and even the slightly more proper version, "I'm out of here," are of very recent vintage. I can't imagine what a character hearing it in 1915 would think. I know this is an undignified question, impertinent to the nth degree, but is it possible that you are THE Grace Zabriskie, character actress of much deserved renown? If so, I saw you most recently in The Grudge, and admire your work greatly. (Digression is a weakness of mine.) SS