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Gird up your loins

Posted by Victoria S Dennis on April 30, 2006

In Reply to: Gird up your loins posted by ESC on April 30, 2006

: : : I want to know the true meaning of "gird up your loins" Does anyone know? I assume it means to prepare, but it also seems like there is more to it . Please, will someone email me at [email protected]

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: There are several references in the Bible to girding one's loins -- with a girdle of leather. It must be a going-into-battle thing.

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It's always been my understanding that the Old Testament Hebrews wore long loose garments (as Bedouin and Arabs do to this day) which were cool in the desert heat but inconvenient for any vigorous physical activity. Therefore, before undertaking any strenuous work, they would "gird up their loins" with a belt, and tuck in any loose folds and tuck up the long skirt of the robe to free their limbs for action.