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Walk the floor

Posted by Bob on March 24, 2006

In Reply to: Walk the floor posted by Smokey Stover on March 24, 2006

: : what do u mean when u say "walk the floor"

: Context would be helpful, but not so long ago walking the floor would be what a floorwalker does. I'm not sure they still have them--perhaps they do--but here's what the Merriam-Webster Online Ditionary says: "floorwalker... a person employed in a retail store to oversee the salespeople and aid customers." SS

It can also mean to pace back and forth. Remember the old song "I'm walkin' the floor over you...."? Some context would indeed be helpful, but if it's asking too much to type out "you" instead of "U" (give me a minute here, I'm exhausted from the two extra letters) how can we expect the monumental effort needed to click out a whole sentence? cn u dg it smky?