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"smack my bitch up"

Posted by Smokey Stover on March 23, 2006

In Reply to: "Smack my bitch up" posted by Smokey Stover on March 23, 2006

: : meaning of the phrase "bitch something up" and "bitch that up" and "smack my bitch up"

: The phrases are neither idioms nor sayings, but a slangy and vulgar form of arguably standard English, with "bitch" as the common element--very "common". In the first two phrases "bitch" is a verb, and the meaning could be charitably related to "muck something up" or "screw that up" if you don't mind vulgarity, while "smack my bitch up" is either a clause or the predicate of a clause in which "my bitch" would normally mean "my woman," which could be a wife, girl-friend, mistress, or temporary companion. Lord, Nikhill, what on earth have you been reading? Whatever it is, stop! SS

I fear I wasn't sufficiently explicit about the meanings, especially of "smack my bitch up," which means slap her around a bit. While to bitch something up can scarcely mean anything other than to make a mess of something, I'd really like to see the context to be sure. I think the normal meaning of to bitch would be to complain or belly-ache, as in to bitch AT something. The present participle, bitching (or the usual variant, bitchin'), can be used as an adjective, in which case it means something like difficult, annoying, or surprising (as in surprisingly difficult or even surprisingly good). I could be wrong there, as it's not my linguistic territory. When you say "Life's a bitch," it can mean more than one thing, starting with, it ain't easy, bro. SS