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Keep your finger on the pulse

Posted by Li Yar on November 21, 2005

In Reply to: Keep your finger on the pulse posted by Rachel on November 12, 2005

: : : Does anyone know the meaning and origin of the phrase "keep your finger on the pulse"? I checked a bunch of dictionaries but didn't really get the phrase. Even on this site there's a listing of it, but I couldn't find any definition for it. Please help.

: :
: : If one has one's finger on someone's pulse, one is in a position to monitor the working (to some extent) of their heart. By extension, if one has one's finger on the pulse (of political activity, for example), one is in touch with what is going on.

: : DFG

: Thanks. Rachel

it refers to the erratic nature of lentils. in order to control a lentil, you need to put a finger on it.

hence keeping your finger on the pulse.