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"Girl Guides"

Posted by Smokey Stover on August 05, 2005

In Reply to: "Girl Guides" posted by R. Berg on August 04, 2005

: : "Girl Guides" apparently are British magazines or informtion pamphlits or some such. Can some help me with specifics?

: An early organization parallel to the Boy Scouts was called the Girl Guides. Does that help?

The Girl Guides were founded in 1910 by Lord Baden-Powell, on the model of the Boy Scouts. The Girl Scouts were founded soon after in the U.S. by Juliette Low. Both organizations are still going strong, but not as strong as they would like. Both have been hit hard by changes in the life-styles and expectations of young girls and their families in the last generation or so. Each organization has magazines and pamphlets, of course, as do the Boy Scouts. SS