Holidays are off.

Posted by Meimei on March 20, 2005

In Reply to: Holidays are off. posted by ESC on March 19, 2005

: : Hi there,

: : From one of the emails I got today,there was a
: : sentence that read

: : "All official National Holidays are off of work, and everyone gets 12-day Lunar New Year vacation."

: : The first half of the sentence didn't look right to me,I suppose the sender meant to say ALL official National Holidays are days off.

: : However, my question is if there is a sentence goes like this

: : "All holidays are off"

: : what does it really mean when it stands by itself regardless of what the sender intend to say. It means the holidays are available or unavailable ?

: It would mean canceled as in "all bets are off" or "the deal is off."

I thought as much, thank you for the help. Another question, Can off day and day off be used interchangeably to say time spent away from work?