Hag ridden.

Posted by Lou on May 08, 2000

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: Hag-ridden
: (Hag"-rid`den) a. Ridden by a hag or witch; hence, afflicted with nightmare. Beattie. Cheyne.

: hag

: There are different forms of hags. The hag from European folklore is supernaturally ugly, associated with the devil and depicted sometimes as a witch. Hags are known to use a human as a mount and will "ride" them in their sleep, hence the term 'hag-ridden'. During sleep, a hag will climb onto a man's stomach or chest and will "ride" him. This will cause the man great discomfort and nightmares, and even, if the hag continues to ride the man, death.

: In Celtic mythology a hag is an ancient spirit, usually seen carrying rocks in her apron which, when dropped, can cause mountains to form. it is said that if two hags are heard arguing, you should retreat indoors, for it may begin to rain boulders and trees.

: There is also and Irish hag that helps out in the household with the spinning.

I have often seen this definition and accept it entirely. I just thought it might be of interest to know that I had seen [in written form] and heard the phrase also used as above. If I can remember which book it was I will let you know.