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Coyote ugly

Posted by ACME on December 18, 2004

In Reply to: Two bagger (caution) posted by SR on December 17, 2004

: : In investing language, a stock or other investment that has returned ten times its original investment is called a 'ten bagger'. Other multiples are also used, i.e. five bagger.
: : The comparison is derived from the US game of baseball, where the bases are called bags, and a hit which produces, say, a three base movement of the runner, is called a three bagger.

: There is also the 'two bagger' which has a completely different meaning, and is considered by some to be very offensive and demeaning. A 'two bagger' is a sexual partner that is so ugly that a bag over the head is required and also a bag over your head in case your partner's falls off. Apologies if that offends, but it is a very common phrase here.

A related term is 'coyote ugly'. The story goes that a drunken man picks up a girl at a bar late one night, and wakes up with her head on his arm and shoulder the next morning. She was so unbelievably ugly that, rather than wake her up, he chews off his arm to get away -- much as a coyote will chew off its leg to escape a trap.
These stories and terms are not at all PC. But I like 'em.

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