Two bagger (caution)

Posted by SR on December 17, 2004

In Reply to: Ten bagger posted by Ward on December 17, 2004

: In investing language, a stock or other investment that has returned ten times its original investment is called a 'ten bagger'. Other multiples are also used, i.e. five bagger.
: The comparison is derived from the US game of baseball, where the bases are called bags, and a hit which produces, say, a three base movement of the runner, is called a three bagger.

There is also the 'two bagger' which has a completely different meaning, and is considered by some to be very offensive and demeaning. A 'two bagger' is a sexual partner that is so ugly that a bag over the head is required and also a bag over your head in case your partner's falls off. Apologies if that offends, but it is a very common phrase here.