"no-neck dude"

Posted by DH on November 23, 2004

In Reply to: "No-neck dude" posted by Henry on November 23, 2004

: : : : In Die hard 3 there was scene when Zeus asked his nephews:

: : : : "Tony. That no-neck dude they call Bad T?"

: : : : the exact meaning of "no-neck" - ?

: : : His neck is thick and short. So it looks like his head sits right on his shoulders.

: : ...and the implication is that he's not very bright. I'm not sure why there's an association between stupidity and necklessness (hmmm... bit dodgy that one) - but I'm guilty of making that association myself.

Also redneck--DH

: : Only a couple of days ago I was chastising my big Yank about remarks he made about our local football code. I referred to players of Rugby League and possibly Grid Iron (but seeing they're always wearing all that armour it's hard to tell), as being neckless - and thus, by implication, brainless. Hence their inclination to just run and bash into each other and call it football.

: So different from our sophisticated soccer players who devote themselves to sexual activities and preening themselves, comparing their latest hair styles and tattoos.