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*holes darting about

Posted by Lewis on December 10, 2004

In Reply to: Bunghole banter posted by SR on December 10, 2004

: In a heated discussion a student recently told another student to "Stick it in your bunghole!"

: When I asked him if he was aware of what a "bunghole" was, he said he was not, but that it was synonymous with a**hole, and as such was in common usage among young people.

: I realize that Rap, Hip-Hop and Pop Culture are notorious for taking established words and phrases and ascribing new meanings to them, but at what point in the evolution of the language do these new meanings become acceptable? Also, I have two requests.

: Can anyone provide another example of a word or phrase that started out meaning one thing and ended up meaning something else, and has anyone heard "bunghole" as another term for the double bull in darts?

the only odd place on a dart board is "madhouse" for double 1. being so called because modest players find it very difficult to get it to go 'out' and finish the game.

some people play 'splitting the 11' as double 1/2 if they get too fed up with double 1 and get a singleton.

'bung-hole' I suppose would be any round opening that can be plugged. a rectum shouldn't really be described as a bung-hole, as it is a sphincter which does not require an additional piece to seal, the same as an 'iris'. a 'plug' is usually horizontal, but the word 'plug' is synonymous with 'bung', which albeit usually vertical, need not be.


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