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Damn Your Eyes

Posted by ESC on October 08, 2004

In Reply to: Damn Your Eyes posted by Jamie on October 08, 2004

: There is an answer to the meaning of this phrase on this site. I have found an alternate meaning at the following link:

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: P.s. Listen To Johnny Cash's Song "Sam Hall" to hear "Damn your eyes". Plus this song is so funny!!

I don't understand. The link above is to this site.

"Damn Your Eyes" as sung by Etta James:

I can do what I want
I'm in complete control
That's what I tell myself
I gotta a mind of my own
I'll be alright alone
Don't need anybody else

I gave myself a good talking to
No more bein' a fool for you
But I see ya
And all I remember
How you make me wanna surrender

Damn your eyes
For taking my breath away
Makin' me want to stay
Damn your eyes
For gettin' my hopes up high
Making me fall in love again
Damn your eyes...

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