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Damn Your Eyes

Posted by SR on October 19, 2004

In Reply to: Damn Your Eyes posted by ESC on October 08, 2004

: : There is an answer to the meaning of this phrase on this site. I have found an alternate meaning at the following link:

: : bulletin_board 1 messages 2659.html

: : P.s. Listen To Johnny Cash's Song "Sam Hall" to hear "Damn your eyes". Plus this song is so funny!!

: I don't understand. The link above is to this site.

: "Damn Your Eyes" as sung by Etta James:

: I can do what I want
: I'm in complete control
: That's what I tell myself
: I gotta a mind of my own
: I'll be alright alone
: Don't need anybody else

: I gave myself a good talking to
: No more bein' a fool for you
: But I see ya
: And all I remember
: How you make me wanna surrender

: Damn your eyes
: For taking my breath away
: Makin' me want to stay
: Damn your eyes
: For gettin' my hopes up high
: Making me fall in love again
: Damn your eyes...

Check out the following link and the tale be not so funny! I have heard and sung this song for many years, originally from the late Josh White. The repeat was originally "God Damn Yer Eyes!" england/samhall.html