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Rasta la vista baby?

Posted by Luis on September 06, 2004

In Reply to: Asta la vista baby posted by Lotg (OZ) on September 06, 2004

: : : : Can anyone tell me what "vista'" mean besides"
: : : : Abbreviation of Volunteers in Service to America"
: : : : ?
: : : : thanks

: : : It means a view or a sight and is from the language of the Ancient Romans.
: : : From "video" which means "to see".

: : : Thanks for reminding me of VISTA, an organization that was like a local Peace Corps.
: : : I was very active in that org way back a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.
: : : I ventured into homes in NYC and taught reading and basic math skills to very very deprived children.
: : : Terrific organization.

: :
: : Which reminds me of a question which has always puzzled me. Why is the common abbreviation of Mathematics 'math' in the US and 'maths' in the UK? I try to be tolerant, but I can't help finding the US usage irritating on the ear. Sorry, I don't wish to offend any US readers, and I am certain that they would find many of my turns of phrase immensely annoying!

: Well yes I knew that vista meant view or panorama, but it got me wondering about the literal translation of asta la vista (sp?). I googled and I'm afraid I could only get rubbish. I always assumed it loosely meant 'see you later'. Is the 'vista' bit the 'see' or stretching it 'view' you later bit?

if you has searched "hasta la vista" you would have found your answer.
I recall that 'hasta' is a way of saying 'until later'
- so the phrase is "until I see you later" - certainly that is the use.

If you add "" - it is the Arnie tag-line.
I'm not sure how many films he has used it in, but it goes alongside the English "I'll be back".

Bye for now.

(Hasta la vista baby - I'll be back!)

Meaning and origin of 'hasta la vista.