High steppin' little filly

Posted by Lotg (OZ) on September 02, 2004

I've mentioned previously that my first husband was 35 years older than me. Therefore sometimes he came out with things I'd not heard before that were no doubt from a previous generation and no doubt nowadays, would often be politically incorrect.

On one occasion we were out and this no doubt cute little blonde number walked past. She was wearing an impossibly short skirt, impossibly high heals, impossibly netted black stockings and (the b*tch) had perfect legs. (Who me, bitter - no way - hehe - I would never take myself so seriously - sorry, just couldn't resist). Anyway, he said to me, as he gawked at her "Well there's a high steppin' little filly".

I'm afraid the remark was so bizarre and corny that I just fell about laughing. But has anyone ever heard this term before (particularly used in this context), and does anyone know where it comes from? It was a new one on me.