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Posted by Henry on August 01, 2004

In Reply to: "Eastern Seaboard" posted by ESC on August 01, 2004

: : Anyone know the origin for the term "Eastern Seaboard"?

: I don't know the history. Other than it's eastern and it's a seaboard.

: seaboard
: \Sea"board`\, n. [Sea + board, F. bord side.] The seashore; seacoast. --Ld. Berners.

: Merriam-Webster:
: Main Entry: sea.board
: Pronunciation: 'sE-"bOrd, -"bord
: Function: noun
: : SEACOAST; also : the country bordering a seacoast
: - seaboard adjective

By convention, the USA has a West Coast but an Eastern Seaboard. It's difficult to find a reason. The early colonists landed on the Eastern Seaboard; perhaps the name dates back to their vocabulary.